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Winter’s here and it’s shaping up to be one of our most challenging yet, with flu, COVID-19 and respiratory illnesses all on the rise. One way you can keep yourself and your whānau healthy this winter is to put together a “winter wellness kete” ready for when you or a family member becomes ill and needs to stay at home.
It might include paracetamol or ibuprofen to reduce fever, headache and body aches; honey or lozenges to soothe a sore throat; electrolyte rehydration solution or salts for vomiting or diarrhoea; tissues; hand sanitiser; or vitamin C to keep your immunity up. A thermometer is good to have on hand to help monitor fevers.
Make sure you have enough food, household items and your regular medicines to get you through. Make a plan with friends or neighbours that you can call on each other to pick up medicines or essential supplies while you are house-bound. Make use of supermarket and pharmacy delivery services, if they are available.
Remember: if your symptoms worsen, or you are concerned about someone you are caring for, call Healthline for free advice: 0800 611 116, or contact your doctor.
Credit to Ministry of Health for the content